FREE »Qigong for Health & Vitality« mini workshop

»Gain lifelong vitality with Qigong«

Fri, 8th June 5.30-6.30pm in the "Halswell Road" Acupuncture Clinic
FREE Introduction & Mini workshop

Qigong practice is often likened to “giving yourself acupuncture” because it:

  • opens the flow of Qi (our life-force)
  • releases Qi blockages within the energy pathways (meridians)
  • promotes blood flow

When Qi and blood are flowing freely as a result of this ancient art of self-healing and fitness:

  • youthful skin
  • eyes and hair are maintained
  • sexual vitality is enhanced
  • bones are fortified
  • muscles and tendons remain flexible
  • hormones are stimulated
  • energy is plentiful
  • mental clarity is evident and the spirit is sparked!

 Start learn these enjoyable, gentle exercises on this mini workshop.

Learning Qigong can help you feel, move and work with energy in your body. It is a powerful way to become more fully alive and conscious.

Limited space. To register, please send an email.

Venue: Halswell Rd Clinic, 64 Halswell Rd, Hillmorton

Women's Health Qigong Retreat 2018

Connecting with the healing power within
Open yourself to life

Join this healing and self-empowering seminar

Anniversary seminar fee $480* - The first Tao Motion workshop in NZ was 20 years ago - in Spring 1998.
*The annual Women's retreat has 2 spaces left for the "Anniversary fee" of $480 (value $590)

Fr 31 August - Sun 2 September 2018

Mention "20years" on your enrolment and you receive "The Inner Smile" Qigong CD or audio download complimentary.

SPECIAL! This time with "Bone Breathing" Qigong. For more info click here.

This weekend is loaded with practical, effective and transformational information and practices to help all women maintain vibrant health.

The seminar fee includes tuition, accommodation, vegetarian food and the use of the swimming pool.

Click here to read more or contact Gabrielle directly