Tai Chi class in Christchurch/Hillsborough

Learn the "Inner Structure of Tai Chi"

Mantak Chia and the Yang Style Tai Chi

Tai Chi at the beach

In Tai Chi the whole body flows and relaxes while moving. Through the natural, unrestricted postures the meridians or energy channels open more, so the life force "Qi" can circulate freely and increase. This is the basis of vitality, health and joy of life. With daily practice your body will become more supple, conscious and your movements graceful. Beginner to medium level class.

Hillsborough/Opawa: The Beginner Tai Chi class  starts Monday 28th January 2019 at 5.15pm. 8 weeks
Request more info by sending Gabrielle an email.

Tuition fee: 8 weeks for $110 or $17 (only for the first session possible). Download the enrolment form on the side bar or Contact Gabrielle to save your spot.

Class is still running and in case you attended a previous class with Gabrielle, you join the intermediate level now.

Venues:  ZENDO, 4 Kennedy Pl, Hillsborough, Christchurch

The cosy Buddhist Centre in Hillsborough/Opawa offers a relaxing atmosphere. In this beautiful venue the Tai Chi classes are small groups up to 9 students. Here Gabrielle can work individually with each participant.

All classes are indoors.

Contact Gabrielle to save your spot.