Winter is the slow-down

Winter is associated with the kidneys and bladder

Balance the kidneys with Qigong

"Winter is the slow-down

Winter is the search for self

Winter gives the silence you need to listen

Winter goes grey so you can see your own colours" - Terri Guillemets

Winter is associated with the kidneys, which hold the body’s fundamental energies.

Harmonizing with the seasons will help the body stay healthy and prepared for each succeeding season. Rest is important for revitalizing the kidneys and this is why some animals hibernate during the winter months. Winter is also a really good time to turn inward and do some reflection.

Qigong practices for Winter help us connect to our inner selves, while supporting the kidney energy.
The "windows" (senses) of the kidneys are the ears. Our ability to hear is related to the health of our kidneys.

The stillness of the winter months allows us to hear inwardly more clearly and forces us to slow down. The bones, the bladder and the sexual organs are also associated with winter.

All the Tao Motion seminars will give specific exercises for the current season.
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Winter tips

  • Keep your kidneys warm. Wear cloth directly on your skin to cover your kidneys, best silk or merino wool.
  • Find out the exact location of the kidneys, and place your hands on them.
  • Spiral on your kidneys with your palms 5 times in both directions. 
  • With loose fists tap on and around your kidneys 10-20 times. Then cover your kidneys and breathe relaxed to your hands.
  • Repeat rubbing and tapping a second time. Do this once a day, or when you feel cold.

Check out the Qigong audio download: The Healing Sounds - one exercise is for the kidneys. You can learn the practice from this audio, which also includes instruction as a pdf file.