Qigong & Heart Meditation retreat

Liberation of the heart

Venue of the retreat 2019

Fri 31 May - Mon 3 June  - the annual Healing Tao retreat 2019
What comes from the heart, touches the heart
   Join this weekend to restore your vitality and reconnect with yourself and life! Great for any one seeking to release stress, heal themselves, or generate a fresh feeling of energy and understand how to manage your life energy. You will get a clear map of how your body-mind energetically works, and how you can better manage it.

Self-Healing, Health and Meditation Retreat
This course is perfect for anyone seeking deeper grounding in their life or an upgrade in their level of wellness. Learn:
- how to circulate Qi (life force) in your body (The Cosmic Orbit)
- Qigong in moving, sitting and lying down postures to balance body and mind.
- the “Open your Heart” Qigong practice will connect with your heart in a deeper level. Our Heart is the melting pot of our emotions.

Through the exercises we will increase health and expand nourishing life force, reaching each body cell to effect rapid change and achieve inner cleansing.
Venue: Glentui Meadows, Oxford 60 minutes from Christchurch

3 1/2 days: Fri 6pm - Mon 5.30pm

Amidst nature and tranquillity in the beautiful setting of the Retreat Centre you will learn how to create a special kind of “weather” in yourself.

Why a retreat?
We are away from our daily routine and environment, which helps to stay focused on the practices and to go deeper.

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