Inner Alchemy Qigong Seminar

Thunderstorm symbolises creativity

Sit and breathe ...

The "Jewel" of the Healing Tao system
Amidst nature and tranquillity in the beautiful setting of the Retreat Centre you will learn how to create a special kind of “weather” in yourself. This establishes a good foundation for the higher frequency for deep, inner healing. The mind becomes calm naturally and relaxed whilst maintaining a high energy level.
This Self-Healing Health and Meditation Retreat is held in part-time silence. More info about the details of the Meditations. The other main theme is Wisdom Qigong - more info here.
This is the perfect mixture of being active and grounded (Iron Shirt Qigong & Tantien Qigong) and being still and connect within (The Inner Alchemy - The Fusion of 5 elements III)
The venue is in Governors Bay, Canterbury, Bank Peninsula. Nourishing, delicious, vegetarian food and accommodation is available.

START: Friday 16 March 2018 at 6.30pm

FINISH: Monday 19 March 4.30pm

Optional you can book until Sunday 5.30pm. I highly recommend to stay for the whole retreat.


Download the flyer at the sidebar (right) For more info contact Gabrielle

This seminar is the next step after the Tao Basic

"In the pursuit of learning,
something is acquired every day. In the pursuit of the Tao, every day something is relinquished." Tao Te Ching

Why a retreat?

We are away from our daily routine and environment, which helps to stay focused on the practices and to go deeper. It makes it easier, that nothing disturbs this inner process and enables us to connect with the “Background Energy”. This energy is always there, but mostly hidden beyond layers of our stories and identity. After this Retreat the experience can unfold easier in our daily life.

There will be part-time silence. This will support to stay in the present. Prerequisite: Tao Qigong (Basic i.e. The Healing Sounds and The Cosmic Orbit)