Yoga & Tai Chi/Qigong seminars

The Cobra Yoga posture

Tai Chi walk with "Brush knee"

Saturday - two seminars in Oxford:

Sat 27 July 10.30am-1.50pm
I recommend to attend both seminars

Yoga 10.30am-12pm    &   
Tai Chi/Qigong 12.20-1.50pm

1 - Yoga will help you strengthen and lengthen your muscles as you relax and release tension.
The class is a journey through a slow-paced style of yoga with the body postures explained in detail.
Gabrielle will also offer modified options and correction of the postures.

2 - Tai Chi/Qigong workshop
Tai Chi trains balance and body awareness, focuses your mind and
relaxes within.
Tai Chi can make you feel relaxed and calm, as well as invigorated at the same time.
Tai Chi is for anyone who wants to move with greater strength, grace, and ease.

Qigong offers exercises in sitting, standing and moving postures. In this workshop you will learn exercises related to the cold season: Strengthening the kidneys and balancing the lung energy.