Tao Motion Autumn SPECIAL

This is a perfect opportunity to get an overview of all Tao Motion classes in Oxford

Try 3 different classes and pay $28*(value $45)

Which are the 3 different classes?

Venue: Oxford Town Hall, A&P room or Jaycee Hall

*(T&C apply: This is an offer for everyone. One offer pp only. Attend the three classes - 3 different classes, each between 60 - 70 minutes duration - within 5 weeks.)

Try 2 different classes and pay $21*(value $30)

*(T&C apply: This is an offer for everyone. One offer pp only. Chose two different classes from above and attend both classes - each between 50 - 70 minutes duration - within 3 weeks.)
Please contact Gabrielle, when you have further questions.

Rangiora Tao Yoga or Qigong class for $10

Introduction Day Monday 23rd May with two classes:

  • Tao Yoga at 9.45am $10

Tao Yoga - also known as Energy balance through the Tao
Cultivating gentleness while developing strength

  • Stay fit in the cold season with Qigong at 11am $10

Learn the Basic of the Healing Tao Qigong in an easy and joyful way. Exercises in standing, sitting and moving postures.

This season: "Meridian Qigong for Winter".
Learn the Basic of the Healing Tao Qigong in an easy and joyful way. Exercises in standing, sitting and moving postures. We focus on the vital organs, who are connected to the cold season: kidneys and lungs to strengthen our immune system.
Beginner & medium level class.

For both classes: Winter term starts on Monday 30th May - 8 weeks

Booking is essential

Venue: Bowling Club, Good Street, Rangiora

Free Tai Chi class in Oxford

Join the free Tai Chi class in the Jaycee Hall in Oxford

Friday 17th June at 9.45am 

Here is the opportunity to try Tai Chi and see, how you feel. It is for beginners. No knowledge required. Still, it will be interesting for everyone, who comes regularly to the class or has done Tai Chi / Qigong before.

- Please book to save your spot

- Arrive 5 minutes before the class starts

- Bring/wear soft flat indoor shoes or socks

Contact Gabrielle now to save your spot: tao(at)taomotion.co.nz

More info about Tai Chi. Click here

Qigong audio download SPECIAL

Learn Qigong at home! Self-learning study made easy
includes a detailed hand-out as pdf file. These audios will explain and guide through the Qigong practices.


  • The Qigong audio download Emotional Wisdom Qigong, also called the "Six Healing Sounds" for $19 (value $26)
  • The "Secret of the Inner Smile"  for $9 (value $19)

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The Secret of the Inner Smile

The Inner Smile teaches us to energize and relax at the same time. By making a connection with the major glands in our brain, we are able to energize this area within seconds, and expand healing energy throughout the body, reaching each body cell to effect rapid change. The Inner Smile is the opening key to communicate with ourselves through feelings. Anyone seeking emotional health will benefit from these enormously practical teachings.
Learn this energy enhancement exercise for reducing stress and for deeply relaxing body and mind.
This Audio download includes a pdf booklet.  Total Time 55:03      More info here:

The Secret of the Inner Smile

The Six Healing Sounds

The exercises detoxify the internal major organs. The frequency, which each sound creates will bring a healthy vibration into your body. Rejuvenation for the senses and the glands. Detailed explanation and step-by-step guided practices in sitting postures. Six different exercises. The Audio down load includes a pdf file with detailed instructions of 9 pages.

Features: Spoken word as taught by Qigong Grandmaster Mantak Chia, Universal Tao Center, Thailand, with Gabrielle Euteneuer.

Suitable for: releasing negative emotions/ detoxification/ Revitalization

Total Time 60:17  

More information about the "Healing Sounds. Click here