Inner Alchemy - Dec 2005

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Tao Motion Journal New Zealand summer 2005/2006

How to create the perfect, harmonious weather in yourself
Feelings guide us through our life

When we are emotionally not in balance, we may act and make decisions that we may regret later. When we react impulsively through our feelings, without thinking, this can sometimes change our life in a disastrous way. When we give negative feelings too much space in our life, they are like big stones that will block our way to happiness, balance and joy.

Internally we know that acting short tempered can make our life more complicated. But how can we make our life simple, happy and easy again? To get there, some people may start to control their aggression, fear, sadness or frustration.
My opinion is, that this is difficult to maintain for a long period of time. The chaos in our life will get even worse. Suddenly, out of the blue, there are not stones, but mountains in our dream world we can’t ignore through willpower alone. Being open minded and able to talk about our feelings is a very good first step.

But I would like to offer you another tool, which has already helped thousands of people: The Tao of the Inner Alchemy, which gives us tools to transform negative feelings into life force. These tools (or healing formulas) are at least 2000 years old.
The Chinese Master Mantak Chia learned these sacred exercises from his teacher “One Cloud” in the mountains of Hong Kong.

Out of this wisdom Mantak Chia created formulas, which has enabled us to gain easy access to these healing transformations.

After you learn the formulas of transformation the next formulas to learn are the Fusion of the Five Elements, which will open meridians and enhance a free flow of Qi (life force) in the body.

These formulas are dived into 3 steps:

In the first step, which is called Fusion of the Five Elements 1, one learns that negative and positive emotions are stored in the major organs. With these formulas, one learns an easy way to practice transformation of negative emotions into life force. As you practice the Fusion 1 formulas, you will be able to begin to transform years of anger, guilt and forced silence, into healthy positive energy.
These exercises will also give you the tool to stay “centered” throughout your day and to cope with difficult situations.

In the second step, which is called the Fusion of the Five Elements 2, there are three formulas. The first formula is the “creation circle”. You will learn to create your “pearl of compassion”.
This meditation will guide you through the “inner countries” within yourself and start to balance the energy there. The right circumstances will be available, for the positive “Qi” or virtuous energy to expand and to blossom and you will learn to circulate this through the major organs. All the energy gathered during the cycle combines to form a beautiful pearl of compassion energy.
Energy channels, known as meridians will be purified with this “pearl of compassion”. The second formula is the “thrusting channel” and the third formula is the “belt channel”. Through these exercises, our energy will get more and more refined, so that we will be able to absorb energy from nature, heaven and earth. Clarity, inner confidence and guidance will appear and support our decisions.

This will change the timing between action and reaction in your life

Action, what you do in your inner world, will quickly influence your outer world.
To say it in a simple way: “I create harmony and calmness through these meditations and exercises, in me and my surroundings. The world around me will adjust and I will attract exactly the same situations of harmony and calmness that are inside me. Through this energy law I directly invite this into my life.”

All these exercises will also boost your immune system. Many people call these exercises a jewel and a gift to cope with life. For me it is a special treasure here on earth to see negative and positive emotions, understand them and be able to transform them into peace, harmony and compassion.

In the third step or Fusion of the Five Elements 3, the pearl will open the “Regulator and Bridge channel”. This will complete the cleansing in your meridians and organs. These channels will bridge and regulate all the meridians in your body. In daily life, this exercise can be practiced within 3 minutes daily and it will strengthen your health and vitality tremendously. You will create the perfect weather within yourself and with this new increased intuition and clarity, you will to be able to achieve your goals in life!

The practice Iron Shirt Qigong techniques is an ideal way to complete these formulas and meditations. Iron Shirt Qigong was used as strong martial art protection in the old days. Now we can use these same fantastic techniques to improve our health in body and spirit and to correct alignment postures to the outer forces.

One very important practice is the Kidney Breathing, which will improve the energy in your kidneys. On one side you have stress and fear and on the other side you have trust and calmness. Through the kidney breathing you will learn to expand the positive feelings. The kidneys are also energetically connected to the sexual organs. A more fulfilled harmonious sexual life will also be created through kidney breathing. Imagine that inside your body, is an inner world and you are the emperor or empress of this world.
The outer world is a mirror of this inner world

When you take care of your inner kingdom or queendom, it will affect your outside life as well. For centuries the Taoists in ancient China explored these experiences and discovered many truths about our body and spirit.

By bringing all the senses more and more inwardly, a harmonious world appeared.

This is the key to balance emotions and to create the perfect inner weather.
This is the basis of the “Tao of the Inner Alchemy”.

On one side the exercises are very meditative, and on the other side, they are perfect for daily life. For myself, I see this as the main benefit. There is a country or world inside ourself and we can get access to it when we close our eyes and bring all our senses inwardly.

Swinging moods, being short tempered or in stress …. are emotions that are actually like stormy, too cold or too hot weather inside us. When we are not aware of this, the unbalanced weather will create disasters in our inner kingdom/queendom. There will be no balanced seasons, no beautiful green meadows and not enough water or sunshine in our countryside.

When there is too much of anything, your inner nature will get too dry and nothing can grow and blossom. This kind of chaos will attract the same kind of energy in your outer world. Starting to create harmonious weather within us will attract harmonious situations and circumstances in our life. If you were to give water to a dry country: Out of nearly nothing, where there was dry and dusty dirt, suddenly a little pond appears. It looks like a miracle, but this can happen in all our lives!

With the exercises and meditations of the “Tao of the Inner Alchemy”, you will start to be aware of the nature within yourself!

Start to change your life right now! Check that:

  1. Appreciate how your life is right now, and not how you want it to be.
  2. Create a spark in you, of that which you would like to invite in your life.
  3.  Start to practice the Tao of the Inner Alchemy, which is divided in three steps that are called: Fusion of the five elements 1, 2 and 3.

Many practitioners call the Tao of the Inner Alchemy the “jewel” of the Taoist meditations due to its enormous efficacy in transforming negative emotions into pure natural energy, which we will use to open energy channels in our body.
It is a cleansing of the organs and is the next step after the “Healing Sounds”, transforming negative emotions into life force. It also creates a strong centering in you for any situation.
For example, you can use these formulas for mental and physical protection in your daily life. The connection of the five elements in the human body is the start of the “Inner Alchemy”, which can change your whole life in a positive way that you can choose!

An adventure for everyone who is interested in spiritual growth, intuition and Tao Awareness!

The Inner Alchemy Retreat is mostly a 6-days retreat, sometimes a 9-day retreat:
This is a self-healing health and meditation retreat in part-time silence. Gabrielle has adapted traditional Taoist exercises for the 21st century, to achieve Inner Cleansing over the 6 to 9 days. The retreat will be sourrounded by nature. Amidst nature and tranquility at the Retreat Centre, you will notice a great improvement in health, vitality and inner balance.

Looking forward to see you in one of the seminars!
Smiles, Gabrielle


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