Tao of Healing Love - Feb 2003

Tao of Healing Love

Tao of Healing Love

Cultivating sexual energy into creativity and healing power
(article in Rainbow News, New Zealand Feb 2003)

By Gabrielle Euteneuer

Spiritual growth and refining energy in body and mind was and still is a very important goal in my life. In different self-realization systems such as Hatha Yoga, which I practized for a few years, I did not find the answers to my questions. My vision was, to find exercises, meditations and a living philosophy to harmonize my emotions and feelings, which will open new inner beautiful dimensions and support inner strengths (power) and peace.

Twenty four years ago I met my first Tao teacher Harald, who lived what he taught. So I practiced Qi Gong and Tai Chi Chuan very intensely. I liked the way of the Tao, it felt very natural and easy going to me and it still does.

About three years later I participated at my first Healing Love workshop with Mantak Chia, the Originator of the Tao Yoga / Universal Healing Tao System.

I only enrolled because my Tao teacher Harald warmly recommended this workshop, otherwise I would never have gone to a workshop like this. I was hesitant at first to attend because of the way the organization promoted the workshop, with sex mentioned in every sentence of the advertising. I got the impression, it might be a “let’s get naked” workshop, and I was definitely not comfortable with this. However, the main content in the advertising seem to have answers I had been looking for, like how to manage, deal with and live with Sexuality?
I am very glad that I did participate, because I got all the answers to my questions and felt safe and secure “with all my clothes on”!

Taoist Healing Love exercises were developed several thousand years ago in China.

Especially in the last century Taoist masters and teachers have traveled abroad to bring these healing techniques into the west, USA and Europe.Taoism is a living philosophy, techniques have improved and changed continuously, so that they will fit our lifestyles today. This is what I like so much about Taoism, this wisdom is not stagnated in ancient past, but it is alive and growing. The western culture has been involved in developing Healing Tao techniques for the benefit of human kind, for at least the last 30 years.

Nowadays it is a cosmopolitan self-healing system.


Taoists have identified three different types of energies relating to our body.

  1. Jing Qi - our body liquids – Jing translated means essence, and it is our blood, hormones and sexual secretions. The available essence in a human body can be transformed into energy (Qi), and used like gasoline, which can be transformed into energy for a car motor.
  2. Qi Breathing – Breathing which is essential for us. We can only survive a few minutes without doing it! When we learn to refine our Breathing, then we are able to nourish all the organs, our bones and our nervous system with life-force energy “Qi”.
  3. Shen – mind (spiritual energy) – With the practize of “ The Inner Alchemy” you will be able to create the perfect weather in your body, your emotions and desires.

Sexual energy (Jing) can multiply our emotional energy.

That gives us the advise also to refine our positive feelings.  The ancient Taoists, after identifying this type of energy, observed that conserving or restoring jing energy could promote a longer and healthier life. The main theme in the Tao of Healing Love is our Jing Qi.

Jing Qi can improve physical and mental health, harmonize and enhance sexual relationships and nourish spiritual growth. To ensure human kind would not die out on earth, Mother Nature gave to us in abundance the power which humans receive from nature to create a new life. A hundred years ago, it was not unusual that a family had 10 or more children. At present the average family has 2 or 3 children or even less. So, what do we do with this strong source of power, when not using it? Give power to a new life? Or use it as nourishment for yourself! It is possible to transform the unaroused energy into creativity and healing power.

Women can transform the energy from the ovaries through ovarian breathing and breast massage. Men can transform the energy in the sperms through testicle breathing and testicle massage. Master Chia refers to these Healing Love practices as “Seminal and Ovarian Kung Fu”, in which the term “kung fu” means skill, not fighting.

Now these exercises feel very natural to me. To practice the way of Tao is just good health hygiene, like brushing my teeth. I am still practicing the exercises I learned in my first Healing Love workshop. In the Universal Healing Tao System, which is widely spread in Europe and the United States, doctors, physiotherapists and physiologists, now acknowledge about the benefit of this self-healing exercises, and recommend it to their patients.

The next level is to work with the aroused sexual energy. In self-cultivation or in exchanging with some one else. The participant will learn the technique “orgasmic upward draw”. This exercise is helpful to live in peace in celibacy or very helpful for couples.