Chi Nei Tsang Sessions

One-on-one sessions with Gabrielle Euteneuer are available in New Zealand.
Gabrielle is based in Canterbury, New Zealand and offers these sessions locally in Christchurch and Oxford.
On Retreats and seminars being run elsewhere, limited bookings are available.
In case you are interested, it is best to book early.

Pricing:One hour $130 (includes Initial consultation before we start), next session $115 or
40 minutes $110 (includes Initial consultation before we start), next session $95.
You can gain instant relief with only one session!

In general three sessions will be enough to transform stagnation or issues and renew vitality.
Gabrielle can show homework for you on your abdomen to keep the navel area healthy (additional cost apply between $15-$25 with a booked session).

For bookings email Gabrielle at: info (at)

Chi Nei Tsang is an ancient form of detoxifying, energizing, abdominal massage

Qi, the life-force energy, moves through the body’s internal channels, nervous system, blood vessels, and lymph glands. These systems concentrate and cross paths in the abdomen, which acts as their control center. Tensions, worries, and stresses of the day, month, or year accumulate and are seldom dispersed. ‘These disturbances can cause physical tangling and knotting of the nerves, blood vessels, and lymph nodes.

Chi Nei Tsang is one answer. Benefit from this ancient wisdom and learn, how to heal yourself. Chi Nei Tsang massage dissolves stagnation and brings the energy in your major internal organs in balance again.

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