Juan Li

For more than 15 years Gabrielle has been inspired by Juan's teachings and deep wisdom. Once a year Gabrielle attended and assisted a two week retreat of advanced daoist teachings in Germany with Juan. In 2009 Gabrielle will not come to Germany, but stay in New Zealand,

Juan Li was born in 1946 in Havana, Cuba. He began his Taoist studies in 1965. During an eight years residence in Nepal and India he was introduced to yoga practices by a variety of Indian and Tibetan teachers.

In 1982 Juan Li met Master Mantak Chia for the first time. Soon after their meeting, Juan Li began helping with the illustrations of Master Chia's books.
Eventually Juan Li went on to become a senior instructor in the Healing Tao System, and today he spends the greater part of his time presenting these teachings in Western Europe. Juan lives in Spain, when he is not on a pilgrimage