Teacher Training week in New Zealand

Certified Instructor Education of the Universal Healing Tao System (UHT)

Learn to share these wonderful practices for physical health, balanced emotions and mental clarity.

This training can be utilized as a career move, or ads value to your current profession or as a personal retreat to improve your health, vitality and well-being.

You can choose which workshops or ongoing classes you would like to attend and in which time frame you would like to complete your training. You can begin your education any time.
As a complete beginner we recommend to start with participating in a Tao Basic Seminar (Tao Qigong). Next events with Gabrielle: Ongoing classes in Christchurch and Oxford, Canterbury.

Start with one of the following seminars: Taoist Abdominal massage 15-16 May ; Rejuvenation Qigong for Women 5-7 June ;   Qigong in Nelson 4 & 5 Sept ; Healing Tao & Inner Alchemy 23 - 25 October. Best you join Tao Motion Facebook or send me an email, that you would like to receive info about upcoming seminars.

You also can start with a Certified Universal Healing Tao Instructor in New Zealand or Australia in your area. Contact me to make sure, the instructor close to you is qualified, so the hours will count towards your Teacher Traing. And there are now from Master Mantak Chia ONLINE seminars, which also will count towards the required training hours. You can start in Auckland, Waiheke Island, Wanganui, Wellington, Nelson, Canterbury. In Australia you can start training in Sydney with Nathan Head, in Brisbane with Adam Gokmen or in Perth with Andrew Jan. Request contact details in your area. The trainig finishes with the certification week in January 2022 (5 days).
Wednesday 19th - Sunday 23rd January in Christchurch.

Learn to share....

This Qigong teacher training is aimed to certify you in sharing the Basic Healing Tao techniques locally (where you live) to individuals on a one to one basis and to small groups. It also supports you in your personal development, growth and well-being. Many healers, psychologists and body-workers have integrated this training in their daily life and work.

Becoming an Associate Instructor (= Qigong teacher) of the Universal Healing Tao:

  • You need at least 60 hours recorded UHT (Universal Healing Tao) hours. You can choose which workshops/retreats or ongoing classes you would like to attend and in which time frame you would like to complete your training.
  • The training will be completed by attending a 5 days Teacher training retreat.  The last certification & training retreat was in Canterbury/ New Zealand in 2014. The next one is from Wednesday 19th to Sunday 23rd January 2022.
  • After successfully completing the training  you will receive a certificate from Master Mantak Chia. This certificate will qualify you to teach the Tao Basic (=Tao Qigong)

For more information click here.

Tao Basic (Tao Qigong) includes:

  1. The Inner Smile Meditation
  2. The Six Healing Sounds
  3. The Cosmic Orbit (Micro and Macro Cosmic Orbit)
  4. Iron Shirt Qigong postures: Embracing the Tree, The Golden Turtle and Water buffalo,
  5. Special daoist breathing techniques (eg kidney breathing and energizing breathing)
  6. Qigong warm-up sequences and more

During this retreat you will learn in detail how to teach the Tao Basic.

To become an Associate Instructor can be a wonderful intermediate step to upgrade
to a  Certified Instructor. There are two option:

  1. Twice a year an Instructor Certification Training guided by Master Mantak Chia takes place in Thailand. The training retreat is 4 weeks. For certified Associate Instructors it is only 3 weeks.
  2. Or you can continue to learn in New Zealand, and qualify to upgrade to a fully certified instructor. Gabrielle is a "UHT Senior Instructor level 2", which qualifies her, to upgrade Associate Instructors to Certified Instructors. Request more info about the required training to become a certified instructor within New Zealand.

To take part in a instructor certification program, you will need a record of your training (dates, hours and topics you covered in the training) signed by certified instructors within the Universal Healing Tao System. In case you are interested to become an associate Instructor or you want to go to Thailand to join the Instructor Certification Training  you can order a “training record passport”. ($4 postage within New Zealand or free as a pdf file)

To request info for the next certification week or general please contact Gabrielle