Rose quartz Energy Egg for Women

Rose Quartz egg set of 2 drilled - large and medium size (A and B)

Size A and B have the ideal measurements for most Women. Be able to exercise with both sizes not only trains a good tone of the pelvic floor, it also helps to be able to let go, to relax the muscles as well.
For most Women: These two sizes (A and B) will provide us with all the benefits the egg practice has to offer :)  

This exercise can help to improve health and vitality and strengthening your pelvic floor. 
Wake up the spice of life -  your sexuality and connect with sensuality, vividness and joy. If you are single or living in a partnership, this exercise brings a deeper connection to yourself and in case you are in a partnership, it can deepen the intimate connection.

These Rose Quartz eggs are specially made for this exercise. A hole is drilled in the egg. They will arrive with dental floss or a plastic string for the first use and you can see, how to floss the egg for the next time.
The gemstone Rose quartz brings a deeper connection to your heart and to love yourself.

We will send size A and B or mention which sizes you like on the order form

or you can choose from all sizes:

A - Beginner size: lengths 4,7 cm diameter 3,4 cm (most women start with this size)
B - medium size: lengths 4,3 cm diameter 3 cm (slightly smaller than the size A)
C - small size: lengths 3,9 cm diameter 2,4 cm (some Women need to start with this size or advanced)
(all measurements only approx. )

You are not sure which size is for you? Download the pdf file on the right side bar which size is best for you or email Gabrielle

The two drilled Rose quartz Energy eggs come with:

  • dental floss or a plastic string
  • in a velvet pouch or in a silk pouch
  • with detailed instructions for the exercise
  • two pipe cleaners for the drilled hole
  • Complimentary: The Energy breast massage exercise

2 Rose quartz eggs size A and B $90   Free shipping from $60 (add $3 for rural delivery)


We will send an email with payment instructions (Tao Motion Shop)

PROMOTION: size C (small) plus any other size $80  - Please mention size C on your order

Rose quartz emits a gentle, loving nurturing vibration

More qualities, which are attributed to Rose quartz: it supposed to be a powerful aphrodisiac and stimulating sensual imagination. It is known as a brilliant crystal for healing emotional or sexual trauma.

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The Rose quartz energy eggs are nice smooth. Carefully we choose the eggs we send, check them before they are packed. We send all orders discreetly.
In Christchurch and in Oxford, you can pick up your order and you are able to choose your egg. Contact me, in case you want to see the different gemstones.