Advice when there is too much to do

Green from nature is refreshing for our vitality

Walking alone has a beautiful inspiring quality

Sometimes there is so much to do.
It looks like nothing can wait. Everything needs our attention right now....
It seems like there are not enough hours in one day.

This happened to me this morning. Weekly classes started in the last week and more are coming up. So my office requires lot's of attention. And there is always more.

I noticed things around me started to accelerate. And I stopped .....

What is the best to do now? And the answer came: Go for a walk in the woods.

Great advice! I thought and went for a walk. It was a beautiful fresh morning after the heat of Summer yesterday. The freshness of green felt great.

Through walking we start to breathe deeper. More oxygen comes into our body. It is refreshing for our eyesight, looking into the distance. All our senses can bring us easy into the present moment. These are only just a few benefits.

I only walked for 30 minutes and now I am back in my office. The result I feel refreshed and motivated to get started. New ideas appear.... Everything just goes so easy now.

I will be finished soon.

 There is a daoist quote I remember, it's similar like this:

"Practice every day for a few minutes. And when you have no time practice one hour."

For me going for a walk on my own in nature is an amazing Tao practice.

I look forward hearing from your experience,

A sea of Qi, Gabrielle