Late Winter joy

Mount Oxford

Again this morning I noticed that the sunrise is more further towards the east and earlier than last week.

There is still snow on Mount Oxford. Beautiful !

The air is refreshing and has a promise of a warmer season. It's an invitation to do exercises outside in the early morning outside, when possible.

It might be the change of season which makes I like most.

Spring is here, and then for a moment gone, and back again to Winter. That is the typical change from one season to the next. In October more new classes will start in Oxford:

- Yoga starts Wednesday 23rd October at 8.25am - it's for every level! Try it, even when you are thinking you are the abosulte beginner. The most important part is to acknowledge where I am right now. And being kind to youreself . I will give lots lots of modified options. I look forward seeing you in my class :)

- Fitness work-out on Wednesday 4th September 5.15pm

- Yoga Fitness work-out on Wednesday 30th October at 5.25pm

- Yoga on Wednesday 16th October at 7.45pm

The classes are either in Oxford Jaycee Hall or in the back of the Oxford Town Hall.

It will be lovely to hear from you. Bookings are essential.

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