Qigong for Autumn

Breathe deeply into your lungs

Especially in fall the lung energy comes out of balance ......

Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go .....

Today is equinox. Autumn arrives.

Today the weather is misty, slightly raining and it's a cooler temperature. Looking at nature, it gives me the advice to go more inwardly. Reflecting on my life. The energy is "Metal". It's a cutting, dividing and sharp energy. It  supports clarity to let go, what doesn't support us. 

The lungs belong to Autumn. So especially in fall the lung energy comes out of balance quickly, which might be expressed by a cold or flue.

In case you have a cough or bronchitis, the lung sound will shorten the time to recover and helps to dissolve the unbalance.

The lung sound is the first from the "Six Healing Sounds" (Qigong practice)

The best time to practise the sounds is before going to sleep. During the day negative emotions, which arises, will come up in your consciousness in your sleep. And you will work with these emotions again. This creates bad dreams, junk dreams, as we can say or after 9 hours sleep, we will wake up exhausted.

When we transform negative feelings into life force with the Healing Sounds, we will need less sleep and we will feel more refreshed in the morning. 

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