The Tao Qigong Retreat

Morning break; retreat in 2018

Absorb the energy from Nature

Just coming back from the Inner Alchemy Retreat. It was a beautiful long weekend with laughter, sharing, stillness and Qigong. We had awesome weather, the native bush with the birds, dark nights full with sparkling stars.Getting  a grasp of the sparkling jewels in our hearts. It was rejuvenating, healing and refreshing.

More seminars:

4-5 Sept Green Dragon Qigong in Nelson
18 Sept Saturday  11am -  5.30pm Healing Tao Qigong - Learn the foundation of Tao Qigong in Oxford or online
23-25 October  Sat 10am - Mon 5pm Inner Alchemy & Tao Qigong  in Christchurch
This a the next step after the "Foundation of Tao Qigong" (e.g. attend the 18 Sept seminar) - Clearing & dissolving reactive emotions (Labour weekend) Request detail
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Practicing Qigong is so simple and yet so powerful! When you practice and learn a Qigong movement, there are both external movements and internal movements. These internal movements make Qigong a superior health and wellness practice. The internal movements also differentiate Qigong from almost every other form of exercise in the West.
> How to circulate Qi (life force) in your body (The Cosmic Orbit), plus
> Qigong in moving, sitting and lying down postures to balance body and mind.
> The “Open your Heart” Qigong practice will connect you with your heart. Our Heart is the melting pot of our emotions.
> How to relax deeply within.