Tao of Sex, Longevity and Health

Connect Sexual Energy with the Love of your Heart

The sexual energy of the body is the base for vitality, creativity and spirituality. The goal of this workshop is to learn to live our Sexuality in a new way, to heal old wounds, to wake up new potentials and at the same time to enter a state of internal power, presence and silence.

"...learn the Tao of Love, you are on the threshold of a new experience. That experience will alter your perceptions of your own body and mind. It will change the way you see your lover, and change your understanding of sex and love." (Master Mantak Chia in Taoist Secrets of Love, Cultivating Male Sexual Energy)

The sexual energy is the water, the Love from the heart is the fire of our body. These two main energies have the tendency to flow away from each other: The water flows downwards, always searching for the deepest spot; the fire rises up and expands. The Taoist Healing Love practices combines both together, this strengthens health and vitality. We let flow this combined energy into the glands and organs for healing, rejuvenating and balancing.

Loving, sexual practices combined with Qigong and meditation is a positive, powerful force that can support deepening love in our heart and for couples deepening their love to each other.

"Generosity of the Heart is the Beginning of Meditation" J.Krishnamurti

The Tao Love and Sexuality apply to the most important energies of human kind.

We will learn to develop the sexual energy and to experience it as a part of deep harmony within ourself (and with the partner). A special main emphasis is the connection of the sexual energy with the love in the heart. The association, which often comes together with a deep feeling of inner peace, is an important key to fulfilled sexuality, to deepen a relationship and lovingly of oneself.

The new arisen life force can be guided into the glands and internal organs. Here it can be transformed in healing, creativity and spiritual energy. Many women experience a reduction of menstrual or menopause disorder. Men learn to transform sexual energy into creative life force. The performance of the brain and the immune system will be improved and vitality will increase.

This workshop is for women and men of any age, whether single or in a relationship. All exercises are taught respectfully and discreetly. Check the article "Tao of Healing Love"