Iron Shirt Qigong & Tantien Qigong

Iron Shirt Qigong

The prime concern is developing physical health and strength. To achieve this goal Qigong uses the outer dissolving technique to release trapped energy externally away from the body and into "outer space."
This old Qigong discipline strengthens the body and creates a protecting “iron shirt“. Originally it was used to keep away inner and outer injuries. Nowadays we use this exercise to improve our immune system. It corrects bad body posture and dissolves unfavorable habits in movements. These postures strengthen the tendons and bones, and create an inner “Qi pressure“ in the lower abdomen. This is the seat of our “life battery”, called the ”Original Force” (or Tantien). This will increase the capability to collect energy in it. Iron Shirt Qigong will help to open the “Kua” (groin area) and exercise the psoas muscle group (starts at the lumbar vertebrae and connects at the thighbone). Both are essential to create a good Qi flow while practicing Tai Chi Chuan.

"Once a Martial Art, Now the Practice that Strengthens the Internal Organs, Roots Oneself Solidly, and Unifies Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health."


Iron Shirt Qigong has 8 different figures

  • Embracing the Tree
  • The Golden Turtle and Golden Water buffalo (2 postures)
  • The Golden Urn
  • The Iron Bridge
  • The Golden Phoenix washes it’s feathers
  • The Iron Bar
  • The Tiger sound

connected with breathing methods like:

  • Kidney breathing
  • creating the Qi belt
  • Packing energy in the major internal organs
  • Energizer Breathing with Embracing the Tree
  • activating the tendon meridians

Tantien Qigong

With Tan Tien Qigong you can achieve inner balance, a strong “tantien” (centre, located in the lower abdomen) and a good structure in your body (well grounded, which you can take into daily life). These are all important ingredients for living a happy life. The techniques will open the “Kua” (groin area) and will bring Qi into the sacrum and hips and joints. (Ilio sagral joint) joint between sacrum and the hips. Through the exercises you will be able to gather life force in the lower abdomen. This strengthens the ”Tantien” (Original Force) tremendously. So one is able to gather and keep energy as well!

You will learn special Tantien Qigong breathing techniques, like the “Tiger and Dragonbreath”. 

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