Online Tao workshops

Create a foundation of health and well-being

Learn the Tao Basic for everyone and/or Tao of Female Sexuality online - step-by-step.

Now you can learn the foundation of the Tao Basic online.
Qigong for Winter starts on Tuesday 19th July at 5.30pm class.
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In case you have Qigong experience, you can attend the Zoom intermediate/advanced monthly classes. For more info for all classes go to TIMETABLE.

These ancient self-healing practices support vitality, enhancing inner balance and mental clarity. Experience how to transform negative emotions like stress and anger into life force again. The exercises can dissolve stagnation and blockages in our emotions, bodies, and minds. They support to strengthening the immune system, harmonising the hormone system, and energising and strengthening the bones.

The body already has everything it needs to heal itself; it is only a matter of learning the simple exercises that help us activate this innate energy in us

Universal Healing Tao Qigong beginner class with Gabrielle:

Tao Qigong - Saturday beginner class continues in Spring

For the ongoing class and the Tao Qigong - intermediate/advanced class continues in September - request the details

More information about our online courses:

How to access the class recording

  • After you enrolled and paid, you'll get the link to the monthly session about 15 hours before the class starts.
  • For live classes
    • If you have booked, you'll receive a link to access the recorded class within 18 hours of the session. You'll have access to the recording for two weeks and can do the practice as many times as you like.

Live or recorded?

For my live and recorded classes, it's up to you whether you join us live! You don't need to specify when booking. Everyone who registers is welcome to the live class and will get access to the recording.

Benefits of attending live:

  • You'll get my personal attention
  • We'll be able to interact – there will be space for questions, before and after the class.
  • You'll still get access to the recording - so you can do the Qigong practice again when you like!

Benefits of receiving the recording:

  • You can still enjoy my classes and continue with your guided Qigong practice, even if you can't make at the scheduled time.

Learning Qigong can help you feel, move and work with energy in your body. It is a powerful way to become more fully alive and conscious.