Booklet for Tao Basic Qigong

Booklet has 23 pages to download

This handout is the accompanying booklet for the Tao Qigong Basic seminar.

It can be used easily, together with the Tao Motion audio downloads (you can order this audio down loads here as well):

Tao Basic 1: The Inner Smile

Tao Basic 2: The Healing Sounds and

Tao Basic 3: The Micro Cosmic Orbit,

for a better understanding. However you can start to learn just with this booklet. It guides you through the Tao Basic foundation practices.

Using this booklet on it's own:

It helps you to make a plan for six weeks Qigong practice.

This booklet has 23 pages and is availbale as a pdf download. $11

You can order it as a A4 bounded black/white booklet $23 plus postage $7 (only in New Zealand)