Booklet for Tao Basic Qigong

Booklet has 23 pages to download

This handout is the accompanying booklet for the Tao Qigong Basic seminar - Read more

It can be used easily, together with the Tao Motion audio downloads (you can order this audio down loads here as well):

Tao Basic 1: The Inner Smile

Tao Basic 2: The Healing Sounds and

Tao Basic 3: The Micro Cosmic Orbit,

for a better understanding. However you can start to learn just with this booklet. It guides you through the Tao Basic foundation practices.

Using this booklet on it's own:

It helps you to make a plan for six weeks Qigong practice.

This booklet has 23 pages and is availbale as a pdf download$15
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or as a A4 bounded black/white booklet $25
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