Tao Qigong online seminar videos

There are two different Tao Qigong Basic seminar videos available:

  1. This is the 1st 1-hour class of Tao Qigong, recorded in February 2022 with Senior Instructor and teacher Gabrielle Euteneuer. There are seven - one hour classes to follow. This was a 8-week zoom live course. The whole pacckage is (8-hours) $80 with 4-week access
  2. A 8-week course of Tao Qigong (includes the 1st-hour above). Altogether 8  one-hour individual recordings.
  3. A 1-day Tao Basic Qigong live seminar "Five Element Qigong" from September 2021 with Gabrielle. Exercises with "The crane opens it's wings" and the sequence "Opening the Cosmic Orbit"

Both videos are suitable for complete beginners, as well as for refreshers.

These videos with Gabrielle explain step by step follwing exercises and guide you through the practice itself:

  • The Secret of the Inner Smile and Emotional Wisdom Qigong: The Six Healing Sounds and the Cosmic Orbit
  • Prelimenary Qigong/warmup exercises in standing and sitting posture
  • Iron Shirt Qigong posture: Embracing the Tree
  • Spinal cord Breathing; Kidney breathing; different practices from the Golden Brocades e.g. Draw the Bowstring

With this puchase you will get access for two or five weeks. You can watch as often as you like on your phone, Ipad or computer.
More info about the basic of Tao Qigong.

Buy video access:

  1.  1st one-hour Healing Tao Qigong class video access NZD $ 22 (2-week access)
  2.  Eight one-hour Healing Tao Qigong course video access NZD $ 95 (5-week access)
  3. 1-day "5 Element" Qigong video access NZD $ 80 (5-week access)


Combi pack options:

1 - Video 1-day access PLUS Qigong audio downloads* with pdf files NZD $ 135 or

2 - Video1-day access and Qigong audio downloads PLUS the booklet for Tao Qigong (pdf download) NZL $ 150

*in the combi pack 1 & 2 options are all 3 audio downloads, which explain in detail the exercises (2 hours and 55 minutes): the Inner Smile; The Healing Sounds; the Micro Cosmic Orbit

Check out the Tao Shop of the 3 audio Qigong downloads and the booklet, which you can also purchase separately. In your order mention, when you like to purchase one of the combi packs.

Gabrielle offers different live online zoom classes monthly. Click here for more info