Abdominal Massage workshop

The opening of the 4 windgates

Detoxifying the tummy

Balancing and energizing from your centre

This is a "Self-Care Abdominal Massage" workshop on Saturday 15 May 10am-5pm - Sunday 10am-5pm in Christchurch

Chi Nei Tsang is an ancient form of detoxifying, energizing, abdominal massage. It blends Chinese massage, the knowledge of Chinese medicine and meditation techniques. Gabrielle will teach the basic self-care techniques for working on oneself or family and friends. You will learn hands on techniques on your own tummy only.

Learn the basic self-care techniques for working on oneself or family and friends.
- De-stress the body
- Unwind tension from your abdomen, back and shoulders
- Improve digestion, absorption and elimination
- Resolve menstrual and reproductive issues
- Clear your internal organs of toxic build-up

Chi Nei Tsang is a highly effective and useful ancient modality which balances and harmonizes the internal organs including stomach, intestines, reproductive and all digestive organs.

It improves blood circulations through the systems and functions of the organs facilitating clearing of blockages.

It is recommended for Self care management to improve, promote, and maintain overall health.
Additionally, this intro class is a good exposure to applied Qigong principals in fusing ancient healing with modern-day applications of “hands-on” healing for everyone. No previous knowledge required.

Sat 15 May/ Sun 16 May 10am-5pm in the Herb Centre, Ferrymead, Christchurch
Tuition fee: $235
($300 when you enroll after 14th April) - Refresher* $210 ($250 when you enrol after 14th April) *
Enrol two, work together and save $15 each. *Refresher is everyone, who has attended at least a 1-day CNT workshop.

Limited space. In case you attended the last Chi Nei Tsang seminar in August. The May seminar will show different techniques.

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