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Taoyin - working with the psoas muscle

The heart is the melting pot of our emotions

Releasing tension from your heart

Flex  your  Spine / Soften  your  Heart - Saturday 7th March 9.30am-5.30pm in Christchurch
This gentle technique of breathing, stretching and turning the spine brings inner strength and flexibility to the body.
Not only does it empower the spine but it also relaxes the back through a series of easy to learn postures. The particular focus is in energizing the spine, relaxing the lumber area, lower back and psoas muscle.
Improved patterns of physical alignment and movement will recondition your spine and refresh your body by opening Qi flow in the meridians.

Most exercises are practiced on the floor on a mat. They open the joints and bring more flexibility into the body and stretching the tendons.

The other theme of this one-day seminar is called "Soften your Heart"

It's the heart, that gives without thought. This practice is also known as "Liberation of the heart" and belongs to Stillness Qigong.

See the flyer in the right side bar or contact Gabrielle for more info or how to enrol.

Venue: 4, Kennedy Pl, Hillsborough, Christchurch