»Cultivate the Feminine« seminar

Open up for the unlimited possibilities

Breathing and moving with Qigong

Learn to rest with joy within

Sat 4th - Mon 6th June 2022  seminar on Queen's Birthday weekend

in Avebury House, Richmond/Christchurch

This is the intermediate/advanced Qigong seminar for Women. Dive deeper in the healing energy within.

Support healing and prevent disease with Qigong exercises designed for a woman’s body. Discover how easy it is to tap into yourself on a deeper more connected level of well-being. The time-proofed practices are beneficial for women of all ages. This Qigong routine will build stamina, overall strength.

The exercises support a balanced hormonal system and help to clear unwanted symptoms during menstruation or menopause.

This is the next step after the Tao Qigong basic. This form of Qigong is specifically designed for women to increase energy, prevent breast cancer, strengthen bones, and regulate hormones and heart function.

Sexuality, Bone Breathing, Self-Healing, Meditation
Experience these beautiful, rejuvenating exercises : 

  • Hormonal Qigong: Fountain of Youth

  • Bone Breathing: Build strong bones

  • Tantien Qigong - grounding & centering

  • Yin Qigong - nourishing clarity & simplicity

  • Energy egg practice & rituals

  • Support healthy menstrual cycles or balanced menopause

  • Anti aging Techniques for Women - rejuvenation from the inside out

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Venue: Avebury House, Richmond in Christchurch is situated in a lovely, quiet park.

Knowledge of the Tao Basic Qigong and the Women's Qigong beginner practice is required. Or join the weekend seminars:
Women's Health 7th May 10am-4.30pm and "White Tiger" Qigong 8th May10am - 4.30pm
Tao Basic Qigong (Cosmic Orbit, the Inner Smile, and the Healing Sounds)  Click here for more info.

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