Healing Tao Qigong seminar

Connecting with the warmth of the heart

Opening the "Cosmic Orbit"

Connecting with our energy within

Join this weekend seminar online or attend in person in Oxford, Canterbury.
This seminar is the 1st weekend for the Qigong teacher training, as well as suitable for beginners.

Learn the introductory level of the Universal Healing Tao (Mantak Chia):

1 - The Inner Smile - By making a connection with the major glands in our brain, we are able to energize this area within seconds, and expand healing energy throughout the body, reaching each body cell to effect rapid change. The Inner Smile is the opening key to communicate with ourselves through feelings.
2 - Emotional Wisdom - Daily Tools for transforming negative emotions into life force again. The Six Healing Sounds influence the energy flow in the basic, internal organs. A simple and effective tool to transform negative emotions held throughout the body into life force once again. The sounds detoxify internal organs and revitalize the body cells.
3 - The Orbit of Vitality - (The Cosmic Orbit) - Learn in an easy way to move energy in a circular path in your body, connecting the two major acupuncture meridians, to bring sustained health and vitality.
4 - Tao Breathing and Stretching exercises - help to open blockages and tension. They will keep your spine, ligaments and tendons strong and flexible.
5 - Structural alignment I - Embracing The Tree, The Golden Turtle and The Golden Water buffalo postures - are fantastic for correcting and maintaining good posture. These exercises detoxify the kidneys and activate our innate healing within. They will energize and relax the lumbar area and the lower back.
6 - Heart Meditation - Wake up the gifts, what your heart has to offer: deepest gratitude and respect and finest love. The true "Inner Alchemy" of Qigong starts, when our heart opens up and starts to blossom like a flower.

This Tao Basic seminar is perfect for practitioners of all levels and is a great opportunity to start practising Qigong or build upon your existing practice. This seminar counts towards the Qigong Teacher training 2021

Download the flyer on the right side bar or request the flyer: tao(at)taomotion.co.nz