Healing Tao Qigong seminar

The Inner Alchemy

Fri 29 Nov - Mon 2 December 2019  - the annual Healing Tao seminar 2019

 Self-Healing, Health and Meditation seminar
Step out of your daily routine and connect with yourself and life. The seminar starts with the Tao Qigong basic, to create a good foundation for self-healing and gaining new vitality.
- how to circulate Qi (life force) in your body (The Cosmic Orbit)
- Iron Shirt Qigong postures to correct your inner and outer structure.
- Taoyin Qigong are gentle stretching exercises on the floor

We continue with the Fusion of the 5 Elements and create the Baguas, which gives us the ability to give the vital organs a deep cleansing, and transform negativity into life-force.

On Monday you will learn the Bridge- and Regulator channel,

Through the exercises we will increase health and expand nourishing life force, reaching each body cell to effect rapid change and achieve inner cleansing.
Venue: Risingholme community centre, Opawa, Christchurch

3 1/2 days: Fri 6pm - Mon 4.30pm