Inner Alchemy Qigong Seminar

Thunderstorm symbolises creativity

Sit and breathe ...

The "Jewel" of the Healing Tao system - The Inner Alchemy
Learn how to create a special kind of “weather” in yourself. This establishes a good foundation for the higher frequency for deep, inner healing. The mind becomes calm naturally and relaxed whilst maintaining a high energy level.
This Self-Healing Health and Meditation seminar offers  the perfect mixture of being active and grounded (Iron Shirt Qigong & Tantien Qigong) and being still and connected within (The Inner Alchemy - The Fusion of 5 elements I and II). More info about the details of the Meditations.

The Cosmic Orbit: On this seminar we start with opening the two major meridians for a free flow of energy in the body. From here, we step into the "Inner Alchemy":

Fusion I: In the first level we transform negative emotions into healing power. The formulas will also strengthens concentration and focusing. Through this the mind can experience alert stillness and peaceful moments.

"Cleansing the Meridian System":

Fusion II: In the second level we open more channels in the body and help to grow positive energy and creates the "Pearl of Compassion". This pearl will multiply the positive feelings and nourish the major internal organs.

The venue is in Risinghome Centre, situated in a quiet, beautiful park, Opawa, Christchurch.

START: Saturday 23 October at 10am; Sat & Sunday until 6pm

FINISH: Monday 25 October 5pm

Optional you can book until Sunday 6pm. I highly recommend to stay for the whole retreat.

Download the flyer on the right side bar. For more info contact Gabrielle

This seminar is the next step after the Tao Basic

"In the pursuit of learning,
something is acquired every day. In the pursuit of the Tao, every day something is relinquished." Tao Te Ching