Qigong class in Oxford & Rangiora

Not only good for our health. Qigong can

make you feel more alive

RANGIORA Qigong class and event: Monday 23rd May at 11am $10

This is what awaits you in this Qigong event:
Your way to more vitality and naturalness

  • the physicality: Taoist breathing and ancient practices of slow flowing movements
  • the mind: inner Qigong and Taoist meditations as a basis for relaxation, vitality, clarity and stability

Internal Qigong enables you to let go deeply, and experience new confidence in life.

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 Booking is essential.

The Qigong classes are open for bookings:

Rangiora: Mondays  11am - 12pm in the Bowling Club, Good Street

Rangiora Tuition fee: Winter term starts on 30th May - 8 weeks - $115 or $20 casual (casual only limited spots available)

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The Oxford class is online at the moment. This Winter a Tai Chi class replaces the Qigong class in Oxford.

FREE Tai Chi class in Oxford on Friday  17th June at 9.45am - 10.45am in the Oxford Jaycee Hall, Main Road

Oxford Tai Chi Winter term starts Friday 1st July at 9.45am - 8 weeks - $98 or $16 for the 1st class

Try the 1st class ($16/$20) and sign up for the 8 week course $98/ $115 . Duration: 60 minutes

Enrol now to save your spot. More info here

More ongoing classes in the Oxford Town Hall, back room and in the Jaycee Hall, Oxford:
- Yoga Fitness workout on Wednesdays at 10.45am and Fridays 11am
- Tao Yoga Wednesdays at 9.30am: Click here

More ongoing classes in Rangiora:
- Tao Yoga Mondays at 9.45am: Click here

Request more information or enrol: tao(at)taomotion.co.nz