Qigong events in Nelson

Taoyin - working with the psoas muscles

Buddha Palm Qigong in motion

Connecting within

Mini-workshops 17 & 18th Sept and Weekend seminars Sat 19 & 20th September

"Flex your Spine & Soften your Heart" Qigong seminar on Saturday 9.30am-5pm
Taoyin is a Chinese answer to western physiotherapy to achieve a healthy structure in the back. Read more
Soften the Heart - we need a generous mind, not only a wide mind, a mind that is full of space, but also a heart that gives without thought. Read more in the flyer.

"Buddha Palm" Qigong on Sunday. 9.30am - 5pm
Buddha Palm Qigongor also called "Healing Hands" is a series of movements for increasing energy flow through the body. This method is valuable for people who work with patients. They will not lose energy during a treatment and can also benefit, as well as the patient, from the healing session. Read more

I recommend to attend the whole weekend.

SPECIAL (for a limited time): Book for the whole weekend and mention: SPRING20 on your enrolment and receive "The Secret of the Inner Smile" Qigong practice as a download complimentarty (value $19). Click here for more info


Evening events on Thursday 17th September in the Fairfield House and Friday 18th September in Nelson City - each 6.30-8pm Entry: KOHA (donation)

The themes are:
Thursday "Care for your back & Soften your Heart" and
Friday "Women's Rejuvenation" Qigong

In Chinese Medicine and Qigong, it’s understood that your entire energy system is interconnected with all parts of your being. Meridians are the pathways throughout your body that allow you to circulate energy and cultivate vitality.

The evening workshops and weekend seminars are perfect for practitioners of all levels and is a great opportunity to start practising Qigong or build upon your existing practice.

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