Qigong in Hillsborough

tao qigong

The venue in Hillsborough/Opawa

Radiant green is good for liver & heart

Learn the Basic of the Healing Tao Qigong in an easy and joyful way. Exercises in standing, sitting and moving postures.

Christchurch/Hillsborough classes The Tuesday Qigong class at 10am - 11.15am continues on 5th November 2019. And then once a month. Beginner class Medical Qigong for Spring
Balancing the liver energy & "The Swimming Dragon" Qigong
This ancient health practice balances the whole body. The movements are in a soft, flowing rhythm.

It is good for improving your respiratory, blood circulation and immune systems. Quite often the relationship between the internal organs is disturbed. The easy-to-learn set balances the whole body.

After the 5th November until Autumn occasionally the Tuesday morning class will take place in the next months, depending on interest.

Qigong combines the energy work of Chinese Medicine with physical movements and meditative relaxation. Beginner & medium level class.

Tuition fee per class (75 minutes): 8 weeks for $137 or $22 casual. Venue: 4, Kennedy Pl, Hillsborough, Christchurch. To register contact: tao(at)taomotion.co.nz 

The Tuesday Qigong class is open for new students. So you can join anytime. I recommend to attend 3x to see the benefits. Booking is essential.

The cosy Buddhist Centre in Hillsborough/Opawa offers a relaxing atmosphere. In this beautiful venue the Qigong classes are only up to 10 students. A great opportunity to get personal corrections. Here Gabrielle can work individually with each of you.

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