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There will be a Qigong Instructor Training & Certification retreat  in January 2022 in New Zealand: 19th -23rd January 2022 in Christchurch.

With this certification week finishes the training. Now is the time to start the education.

To be able to attend this retreat, you would need to attend at least one weekend or 8 ongoing classes with Gabrielle. These hours will count already to the required 60 hours. There is also the option to attend zoom classes with Master Mantak Chia to get the required hours together. Any missing hours you can collect after the retreat e.g. the Advanced Women's Qigong seminar in March (18 hours).
For every Asscociate instructor: In this retreat you are able to upgrade to the Certified Instructor for Basic, Iron Shirt Qigong, Taoyin and Healing Love.

When the requirements are fullfilled (= 60 hours attending classes and practice at least for a year) you will receive a UHT (Universal Healing Tao) certificate from Mantak Chia, Tao Garden.

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It's good to see, that the Universal Healing Tao gets more recognized in New Zealand.
I look forward to training more new Teacher, who will start sharing their skills in Ongoing classes.

Contact: tao(at)taomotion.com in case you are interested to become an Associate Teacher/ Certified Instructor of the Universal Healing Tao System.