Qigong events in Nelson

Connecting with your heart

Opening the body with Tendon Qigong

Grounding and centering

Mini-workshop 3rd Sept and Weekend seminars Sat 4th & Sun 5th September

Saturday 10am - 5pm "Five Element Qigong" and the "Spring Qi"  will kick-start our metabolismn and revitilise and restore our energy after Winter.
Sunday 10am - 5pm "Awaken Healing Qigong" will deepen the practice from Saturday and opens major meridians in the body. Read more
You will learn "Tendon Qigong" which opens up the whole body, so you healing can take place.

Evening event on Friday 3rd Sept in Nelson  - 6.30-8pm  Entry: KOHA (donation)

The theme is:
Friday "Healing Tao" Qigong - Learning Qigong can help you feel, move and work with energy in your body. It is a powerful way to become more fully alive and conscious.

In Chinese Medicine and Qigong, it’s understood that your entire energy system is interconnected with all parts of your being. Meridians are the pathways throughout your body that allow you to circulate energy and cultivate vitality.
The evening workshop and weekend seminar are perfect for practitioners of all levels and is a great opportunity to start practising Qigong or build upon your existing practice.

The flyer will be ready soon.
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