Strength and Stillness through Qigong

Iron Shirt Qigong alignment

Tantien Qigong

Allowing space between thoughts to blossom

Friday 16th October 6-8.30pm and Saturday 17th October 10am-6pm

Universal Healing Tao instruction, provides a complete set of personalized tools to enable you to achieve balance in your emotional, physical and mental life.

Whether a complete beginner or an intermediate practitioner, you already have the resources in you to bring harmonious balance in your life.

We just have to learn how to connect with them and explore them step by step.

Through the exercises which involve physical effort, emotional alignment and stillness it is possible to find space for inner understanding and rising clarity.

  • Learn Tantien Qigong - strengthen your centre and the core muscles of the abdomen
  • Learn Ironshirt Qigong to be energetically rooted into the earth in order to get a good inner and outer structure
  • Learn Qigong of the season - in spring, we particularly focus on balancing of the liver- and the gall bladder energy, so frustration and tension can be transformed into vitality and joy.

On Friday you learn the "Iron Shirt Qigong" posture "The Golden Pheonix washes its feathers" and the stillness practice "The Transformation of Ice to Water to Inner Space".

On Saturday we ad two more "Iron Shirt" Qigong postures and "Tantien" Qigong.

Iron Shirt - & Tantien Qigong are physical practices, who allow getting a good "centre" (tantien).

This seminar will complete the experience with "Stillness" Qigong

These two, so different practices, complement each other and support and simplify the "inner work".

One result might be, that it will become effortless to sit still and sink deeper into the inner universe.

This seminar is for beginners, as well for already experienced practitioners of any energy-work.

Friday 6-8.30pm

Saturday 10am-6pm

Tuition fee: EarlyBird: $150 ($180 *after 15th September)

Friday evening tuition fee: $40 (*$50)

Saturday tuition fee: $150

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