Tai Chi class in Oxford

Mantak Chia Tai Chi Form

Gabrielle practices Tai Chi since 40 years

FREE class on Friday 29th July at 9.45am in Oxford

Click here & scroll down for more information about the free class. Check out the "Welcome Package" when you like to try different classes.

The Tai Chi beginner class in Oxford will start on Friday 5th August at 9.45am - One hour
4-week term $50 or the 1st class $16

In Tai Chi the whole body flows and relaxes while moving. Through the natural, unrestricted postures the meridians or energy channels open more, so the life force "Qi" can circulate freely and increase. This is the basis of vitality, health and joy of life. With daily practice your body will become more supple, conscious and your movements graceful.
Request more information: tao(at)taomotion.co.nz

Qigong is very similar to Tai Chi, but easier to learn. I recommend for anyone, who practices Tai Chi, attend at least one class of Qigong. This will improve your Tai Chi.

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