Tai Chi/Qigong class in Rangiora

Learn step-by-step Tai Chi

One of the Qigong movements

Grounding and good structure

FREE TRIAL: RANGIORA Tai Chi/Qigong class on Monday 12th September at 10.30am - Everyone is welcome*

The Tai Chi / Qigong beginner class in Rangiora will start on Monday 19th September at 10.30am - One hour

This is what awaits you in this Tai Chi / Qigong seminar:

  • Like in most Tai Chi classes, we start with a 10-15 minute warm-up sequence (= Qigong).
  • The second part of the one hour class is to learn an "easy-to-follow" Tai Chi form. In the 8-week term you learn the whole short form originated from Tai Chi Master Mantak Chia.
  • The last part is a "Stillness"Qigong practice in sitting posture (optional you can do this ancient Qigong also in standing) - Duration 10-15 minutes.

In Tai Chi the whole body flows and relaxes while moving. Through the natural, unrestricted postures the meridians or energy channels open more, so the life force "Qi" can circulate freely and increase. This is the basis of vitality, health and joy of life. With daily practice your body will become more supple, conscious and your movements graceful. Read more about Tai Chi - Click here

Your way to more vitality and naturalness

  • the physicality: Taoist breathing and Tai Chi of slow flowing movements
  • the mind: inner Qigong and Taoist meditations as a basis for relaxation, vitality, clarity and stability

Qigong is very similar to Tai Chi, but easier to learn. I recommend for anyone, who practices Tai Chi, attend at least one class of Qigong. This will improve your Tai Chi. Read more about Qigong - Click here

The Tai Chi / Qigong class is open for bookings:

Rangiora: Mondays  10.30am - 11.30am in the Bowling Club, Good Street, Rangiora

Tuition fee: 8-week term $98 or the 1st 4-weeks $60 or the 1st class $16

*Please book your spot. This free event will go ahead, when at least 7 enrolments arrived until Friday 9th Sept at noon.

Booking is essential for all classes.


Request more information or enrol: tao(at)taomotion.co.nz