Tao Yoga class in Oxford

Stretching and breathing .....

... relaxing in structure and letting go ...

The Tao Yoga class in Oxford

The next Yoga class starts Wednesday 4th November at 6.30pm

Evening class: Wednesdays at 6.30pm (60 minutes)
This class is for beginners, as well for already practicing Yogisstarts on 4th November.

Learn yoga in a slow-pace with aspects of the ancient Taoist traditions.
- We focus on proper alignment and mental repose. Devoting more time to a posture, which naturally decreases stress and encourages relaxation. The longer you hold a pose, the more time your muscles and connective tissues have to relax and lengthen.
- This improves flexibility, supports muscle development and helps open up areas around the joints that are difficult to access (i.e. hips and lower back).
- Also, since it’s easier to let the mind wander during periods of physical stillness, slow yoga classes provide an opportunity to practice deep concentration while focusing on inhalations and exhalations.
- The class finishes with a  5 - 8 minute meditation. You can sit upright on a chair or cross-legged on your mat or lie on the floor.

For all fitness levels - I will offer modified as well as advanced options
When possible bring a Yoga mat.

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Tuition fee: Evening class 8 weeks $85 or $15 casual
                    There are no classes on 11th & 18th November.

Venues: Morning class: A&P room, Oxford Town Hall and the Evening class: Jaycee Hall, beside the museum both on Main Street, Oxford.
Both classes are open for bookings now.