Taoyin Zoom online course

What is Taoyin?

You can still join this Qigong course. For this you will get access to the recording of the 1st class for three weeks to catch up. In case you can't join the 2nd class, again, you can catch up with the recording*.

Energize and relax the lumber area, the lower back, and the psoas muscle group with Taoyin (also known as Tao Yin or Daoyin)

This zoom live online course is held on 4 Saturdays - fortnightly - from 2pm - 3.30pm. The 1st class was on Saturday 23rd July, followed by Sat 6th August, 20th August and 10th September.
In case you miss a class, you can catch up with the recording. The tuition fee includes a 2-week access of the video after each class.

Taoyin is a Chinese answer to western physiotherapy to achieve a healthy structure in the back

The praxis of Taoyin consists of breathing- and stretching exercises, which will be performed in lying or sitting postures on the floor (modified option on a chair).
Taoyin empowers and relaxes the lower back. A sequence of easy-to-learn postures strengthens the tendons and the abdomen, detoxifies the kidneys, and activates good energy flow and blood circulation. It will exercise the ligaments, muscles, facia, and joints.

In particular, Taoyin focuses especially on the Psoas muscle group because of its central role in our body and being the back from the "Original Force" (lower tantien). The Psoas muscle connects and moves the hips, spine and legs; all movements of Tai Chi come from the Psoas muscle. The kidneys are connected to the Psoas muscle, and the nerves move it from behind. Practicing Taoyin is very helpful for the practice of Iron Shirt and of Tai Chi.

In general, the combination of active and passive phases of the practice conditions the spine, tendons, ligaments, muscles and diaphragm - and in ways that cannot be achieved in standing and moving positions. A balanced session of practice opens Qi (energyy) flow throughout all the meridians, removes toxins and tension throughout the body and engenders a deep sense of relaxed peace and calm - yet wonderfully energized at the same time.
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This seminar is perfect for practitioners of all levels and is a great opportunity to start practicing Qigong or build upon your existing practice.

Four Saturdays, always from 2pm - 3.30pm

Tuition fee: $135 or $35 for the 1st Saturday (only possible for the 1st class)
You will get access to the recording for 2 weeks.

* The special with 3-week-access is only available, when you enrolled after 1st August.

Interesting for UHT Certified Instructors: After this course, you can apply for the Taoyin certificate and assessment/evaluation (additional fee applies)

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