The Orbit of Vitality workshop

Embracing the Tree

Good grounding & structure with Qigong

Friday 29th November 6pm-8.30pm
Saturday 30th November 10am-6pm
in Opawa/Christchurch

The Orbit of Vitality - This is the Basic of Tao Qigong:

Opening the two major Meridians (energy channels) in the body. Reconnect the channels and learn how to circulate Qi (life force).

A perfect combination is Iron Shirt Qigong and Taoyin. These time proofed postures create a good structure in us, opening up and realigning the body.
On this seminar you will learn: 

  • Iron Shirt Qigong "The Golden Urn"  and "Embracing the Tree"
  • Taoyin: stretches combined with breathing to open up the meridians

More info about Tao Basic Qigong click here and read the article about the Cosmic Orbit with an exercise.

This 1 1/2 day seminar is part of the annual Healing Tao seminar 2019.

It  continues on
Sunday 1st December with the
"Fusion of the 5 Elements 1" (transforming negative emotions back into life-force) and

on Monday 2nd December the
"Bridge - & Regulator channel" (harmonising the meridian system within).

More info about Sunday and Monday "Inner Alchemy"  click here

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