"White Tiger's courage" Qigong seminar

Connecting with the warmth of the heart

Opening the "Cosmic Orbit"

Connecting with our energy within

The "White Tiger's courage" Qigong seminar is postponed to 4th September. Please see the flyer on the right sidebar

This seminar is a perfect refresher for everyone, who wants to attend the Qigong teacher training, as well as suitable for beginners.

Learn the introductory level of the Universal Healing Tao (Mantak Chia): Regarding to Chinese Medice beginning of March is late summer. Learn the ancient practices to support the late summer energies and to dissolve blockages and stagnation.

1 - To autumn belongs the lungs and the large intestines energy. The emotions are e.g. courage or sadness. The healing color is twhite to silver. The element is metal, like the snowy peaks of the southern alps. The temperature is cool dry.
2 - Emotional Wisdom - Daily Tools for transforming negative emotions into life force again. The Six Healing Sounds influence the energy flow in the basic, internal organs. A simple and effective tool to transform negative emotions held throughout the body into life force once again. The sounds detoxify internal organs and revitalize the body cells. Today we specially concentrate on the lungs with the lung sound (all are voiceless).
3 - "The White Tiger's courage" - the white tiger is associated to autumn. The breathing and moving exercises strengthen the immune system and supports a good alignment, physically, emotionally and mind.

There will be a good balance of exercises in standing, moving, and resting or sitting postures.

This Tao Basic seminar is perfect for practitioners of all levels and is a great opportunity to start practising Qigong or build upon your existing practice.

Sunday 8th May 2022 10am-4.30pm  - lunch break - 1pm - 2.30pm

Get more info: tao(at)taomotion.co.nz