Women's Health & Bone breathing

Connecting with the healing power within

Women's Health & Bone breathing Qigong seminar

Join me on this enjoyable course of self-healing for women.
This 1-day seminar offers an introduction to Women's health, vitality, and Qigong. You will learn about the first steps of the deep healing and heart-opening journey of the Tao Qigong for Women.

This practical and informative course teaches the easy-to-learn practices of Taoist Yoga. These allow women to connect with their inherited gentle, but powerful female energy.
The ancient meditations help to connect with the source of Rejuvenation and inner wisdom.
Learn Qigong grounding and centering practices to reduce stress and to be able to a free flow of energy in your body.
The other theme of this seminar is the "Bone Breathing" Qigong. It will bring us more into the "Yin" (energy of letting go and supporting our femininity).
This is a wonderful relaxing lie-down practice. As more you can relax, more energy penetrates into the bones and into the bone marrow. It can help to improve bone density and strengthen the crystalline structure of the bones.

Saturday 5 March 10am - 4.30pm  - SPECIAL: $90 Refresher $70 (when you enrol after 15th February tuition fee: $150 /Refresher $130)
SPECIAL for Refresher: enrol you and a friend (she must be new to Gabrielle's teachings) and both receive $10 off

- Lunch break 1-2.15pm - Bring your own lunch. Herbal & Green Tea will be provided in the morning and afternoon breaks.

Venue: Avebury House, Richmond, Christchurch

The Chinese healing art of Qigong has been a source of health and longevity for women for thousands of years. These exercises combine deep abdominal breathing, gentle movements, and meditations and visualization to prevent and heal disease.

Recommendation: Attend the whole weekend. Sunday 6 March "Phoenix breath" Qigong 10am-4.30pm. The knowledge of this weekend 5-6 March is required to be able to attend the 3-day Women's seminar (Queen's Birthday weekend) 4-6 June 2022.