»Yoga Fitness workout class«

aspects of Pilates ...

Flexibility and endurance through Yoga

You can start with the Yoga Fitness class anytime

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Fridays  at 11am - duration 1 hour

Wednesdays at 10.45am - duration 1hour

Tuition fee: $85 for the term (8 weeks) or $15 casual (limited space)

This is a beautiful work-out/gym class: They help to leave you feeling long and strong, calm and centred.
Starting from opening the joints and exercising muscles, bones & tendons,
tone the tummy with Pilates to rounding up with a relaxing 5 minutes stretching finish.
Beautiful music to chill out during the whole time.

For all fitness levels - I will offer modified, as well as advanced options

In case you are not sure, which class s best for you, get the WELCOME SPECIAL - Click here

ALL classes are indoors either in the Jaycee Hall or in the Oxford Town Hall - backroom.
In case the term has already started, you can still enrol. Booking is necessary.
When possible bring a Yoga mat.

The Evening classes will resume in October. Until then, join the Live Zoom evening classes

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